Why you need IP-PBX?

IP-PBX – this is office telephone station made with possibility to use the most modern telecommunication technologies. There is no need for buying telephone station equipment and neither laying new telephone lines nor telephone wires in office in order to install IP-PBX. IP-PBX works solely on basis of existing local network in your office, at the same time allows to create office or workplace in any point of the world.
IP-PBX gives possibility:

  • to unite several offices in one telephone network;
  • to move office and telephone number in any point of the world;
  • to arrange communication inside of the office in several minutes without expensive equipment;
  • there is no need to keep in state a telephone communication specialist;
  • multichannelnumber - signal "busy" is absent, Your number can receive any number of incoming calls;
  • possibility to arrange call-centre;
  • office inside and outside forwarding (for example on mobile phone while You are absent);
  • possibility of company telephone network centralized management (central office or branches): connection statistics keeping, individual subscribers permission installation on making calls and many others;
  • possibility of videotelephony establishment (budget variant of video conference).

IP-PBX has all modern functions:
Direct Numbers (DID), Auto Attendant, Call Blocking, Call Detail Records, Call Forwarding, Call Pick-up, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Caller ID routing, Conferencing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Music On Hold, Voicemail System, Conversation recording, Virtual Queue, Extension Routing, Web Callback, Outbound Call Limiting, CallerID Management, Fax, Outbound Dialing, Appointment Reminder, IM Server, Pin Codes and other functions.

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